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The multiple international successes lead TESMIT to be a leader in its category, i.e. the design and development of industrial machinery; in Italy and around the world.


The entire production process is carried out and monitored at our factories, also making use of affiliated partners to cover the customer's needs at 360°.


industrial automation tesmit

Our greatest strength is understanding the customer's needs. TESMIT is specialized in the development and whole or partial prototyping of ad-hoc machinery for the customer


In the Italian and international scene we are witnessing a rapid expansion of industry 5.0; which requires customization of industrial processes

Industry 5.0

Tesmit specializes in the development and whole or partial prototyping of machinery built specifically for the customer in various application fields. We therefore follow the technical, engineering and application development of machinery and have as customers the major world leading companies in the following sectors: food, medical, automotive, energy, chemical and construction.

Our projects

industrial automation tesmit
vacuum pump group
atm skin tray sealer machine
medical tyvek blister sealer
industrial automation tesmit
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